Trail Days, May 18 to 20, in Damascus, Virginia

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Damascus, Virginia, hosts the AT Trail Days every year the first weekend after Mothers' Day

This Trail Town has hosted their Trail Days for several years.  It is estimated that around 20,000 people descend upon this town for an Appalachian Trail get-to-gather, reunion, etc.  Many equipment vendors will be present with great deals as well as being able to repair broken equipment. 

There are several shuttle services throughout the area that work to get hikers from the trail to Damascus and back to the trail again.

Dr. Fix-it to Speak at Seminar

It was a packed seminar room when Dr. Fix-it presented a seminar, Smiles, not Miles; How to Enjoy the Appalachian Trail. The seminar was based on his book, Katahdin or Bust.

Dr. Fix-it was at the Author's Tent at Trail Days

Dr. Fix-it was  busy talking to hikers and selling his book at the Author's tent at Trail Days.  There was a lot of interest in his two years of research on how to enjoying Hiking and Backing as well as why 80% of the people trying to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail fail and what can be done to increase the odds of people being successful with their AT dreams.

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