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Dr. Fix-it's Equipment Evolution List

This MS Excel file shows Dr. Fix-it's equipment evolution as he hiked over 2,000 miles.  Starting with a full pack weight of over 30 pounds, he was able to drop his pack weight to a daily average of under six pounds!

Dr. FIx-it's "Hire a Shirpa" Equipment List

Dr. Fix-it's idea of "Hiring a Shirpa" to carry half your weight is illustrated in this MS Excel file that shows how you can spend less than $750 to create an ultralight weight backpacking setup that weighs less than 10 pounds.  It is like hiring a Shirpa to carry half your weight!

Dr. Fix-it's Nutritional Food List

In an effort to maximize energy while hiking, Dr. Fix-it has assembled an MS Excel list of various trail foods as well as common town foods that shows the calories as well as the grams of carbs, fats, and protein. This list can be used to plan what foods will give you the most energy per ounce.

Dr. Fix-it's Gear Evolution (xlsx)


Dr. Fix-it's Shirpa Equipment List (xlsx)


Dr. Fix-it's Nutrition Food List (xlsx)